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Information statement on the use of Cookies

What are cookies?

This site uses cookies.As stated by the Data Protection Authority in Ordinance n° 229/2014, see website www.garanteprivacy.it, cookies are “small strings of text that sites visited by the user relay to the terminal (generally the browser) of the user, where they are saved and as a result can be resubmitted to these same sites the next time they are visited by the user”.The function of cookies is to speed up the analysis of traffic on the web or signal visits to a specific site or part of a site, to distinguish visitors internally of the site so as to offer them customized content, and to help administrators improve the site and enhance user experience.

What types of cookies do we use?

The cookies we use to enable the delivery of our services are:

  • "persistent cookies” – i.e. those that are stored permanently in memory of the computer until removed manually by the user, or have a long-term automatic removal date programmed into them;
  • "session cookies" – which are not saved permanently by the user’s computer; these disappear when the browser is closed.

When visiting and navigating this site, you will receive both proprietary cookies and cookies from third party sites; these sites deposit cookies on your computer in our name so that the services they supply can be delivered.Third party cookies allow us to conduct surveys on the navigation habits of users more thoroughly.These cookies are used, for example, to gather web statistics.More details about these cookies can be found on the respective websites of the third parties in question.

How to configure the terminal

In the event that users may object to the installation of cookies, they must configure their browser by disabling the reception of cookies or avoiding the use of this site.If cookies are disabled however, the site or certain of its parts may not function as they should.To customize the way cookies are used, or to disallow their reception or eliminate them from the terminal, simply access the browser settings and make the appropriate selections.
Most browsers allow the user to accept or refuse cookies either totally or selectively (those from specific sites, for example).
Whilst the procedures are similar for all browsers, the method of configuring the cookie will vary from one browser to another.For more details on the specific procedure, users can visit www.aboutcookies.org or go to the "Help" section of their preferred browser.

Our cookies, in detail

Here is a detailed look at the cookies used on this site:

Proprietary cookies

Session cookies   
Used to track the user's browsing session.Required for navigation, and removed when the browser shuts down.

Cookies needed strictly for technical purposes   
Indispensable for correct operation of the site.

Functionality cookies   
Designed to improve the navigation experience, for example by saving the preferences of the user

Third party cookies

Needed in order to log in via Facebook and share content on the user’s Facebook page.

Needed in order to share content on the user’s Twitter profile.   

Google Analytics   
Provides anonymous and aggregated statistics on ways of navigating the site.

Allows sharing of content on the main Social Networks.

Allows sharing of content on the user’s Linkedin profile.

Allows sharing of content on the user’s Google+ profile, and access to services associated with the user’s Google account.